Khadi Natural Hair Serum Review After Using 1 Bottle

Hey everyone! Hope the title clearly depicts what the topic today is about. Yes, today I will share the Khadi Natural Hair Serum Review after using 1 bottle. So, let’s know about the product in detail:

Khadi Natural Hair Serum Review After Using 1 Bottle

Hair serum is indeed the most common hair care product for us. Most of us use hair serum to get beautiful hair. I also include hair serum in my hair care routine for sure. And the Khadi Natural Hair Serum is one of my favourite hair serums. It’s a very effective hair serum for those who are facing hair damage, dryness or frizziness. One of the major reasons for loving this product is that it contains so many natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals.

The packaging of the Khadi Natural Hair Serum is very impressive. This hair serum comes in a 50 ml cylindrical bottle. You can easily take the needed quantity of serum by its easy-to-use pumping facility. Being translucent or semi-transparent, this pumping bottle allows you to see the colour and remaining quantity of the stuff inside. Yes, it’s a refillable bottle in which you can store any other hair care product after the serum is over.

The ingredients list of the Khadi Natural Hair Serum includes many natural oils known for improving hair health, such as coconut oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and grapeseed oil. It also contains bergamot orange and Manjistha which are effective in controlling hair fall, dryness and dandruff. Base Q. S. is also mentioned in its ingredients list.

The Khadi Natural Hair Serum has a sticky but watery consistency. The serum has no colour and looks similar to clear water. I just love the serum’s fragrance which is very mild and sweet.

The MRP written on the bottle of the Khadi Natural Hair Serum is Rs/- 235 (for 50 ml). But I got this serum at a huge discount on Amazon. You can check here to get the serum at the lowest price – Deal Price – Rs. 155.

No. The Khadi Natural Hair Serum is not 100% natural. If we take a look at its ingredients list, we will see that there is base Q. S in it i.e. this serum has used some chemicals as a base. But, no harmful chemical is there in the serum. It is free from of paraben, minerals, SLS, Paraben, Bleach and Chlorine.

The availability of the Khadi Natural Hair Serum is more online than offline. So, I opted for online as I didn’t find it at any nearby shop. I am sure you will not get the discount in any offline shop that you will get online. But always remember to check which seller is giving you the best price before buying online. To make your job easier, I found the best seller for you – Check the Price.

Let’s talk about my own experience with the Khadi Natural Hair Serum. Naturally, chemical-based hair serums are not allowed to be used on our scalp, we use them only on our hair length, right? But as this hair serum is rich with natural compounds, we can not only use it on the hair length but also on the scalp.

When your scalp is hydrated, it doesn’t produce dandruff. When I apply this hair serum to my hair including the scalp, my scalp becomes hydrated and it doesn’t feel dry. As a result, I don’t face too much dandruff like before. The Khadi Natural Hair Serum also makes my hair strands hydrated and too soft.

After applying this hair serum, I can do any type of hairstyle on my hair. It prevents my hair from getting damaged due to styling and reduces hair breakage. Besides, this hair serum also protects my hair from sun damage and keeps it shiny and silky.

So, I will highly recommend everyone to give the Khadi Natural Hair Serum a try for once.

➤ Reduces Hair Loss
➤ Fights with dryness and frizz
➤ Suitable for all hair types
➤ Free from SLS, Paraben, Bleach, Chlorine or any harmful chemicals.

➤ The price is little high

In the end, I will only say that if you are looking for a good hair serum with no harmful chemicals and more natural ingredients, then the Khadi Natural Hair Serum is for you. Hope you found this page helpful! Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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