Top 10 Best-selling and Budget-friendly knives for kitchen

Hey everyone! Welcome to another article. Today, I have with me a list of the top 10 best-selling knives for the kitchen.

Knife is an inseparable part of our kitchen. We can’t start cooking food without a knife because the vegetables will not be cut without a knife. But, when the quality of a knife is not up to the mark, we face many problems in cutting veggies or other food items. As a result, our cooking becomes slower instead of faster and time is wasted.

Also, when you buy low-quality knives, sharpness and efficiency are lost very quickly. As a result, you only have to buy new knives every few days. So, here I have listed the 10 premium quality knives that will fulfil all your cutting needs in the kitchen and will last for a long time. Just buy any of the following as per your budget and finish your cutting work in just a matter of minutes. Let’s jump in:

Carote colour-printed kitchen knife

Price – ₹699
Deal Price – ₹319
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Carote colour printed kitchen knife is an extremely useful knife for regular use. The knife is available in 4 different vibrant colour printings – red, green, orange and sky blue. The knife comes with a blade cover to protect it from external damage. High-grade stainless steel is used to make the 5-inch blade that allows you to cut vegetables very fast.

From slicing vegetables to mincing meat, this knife is ideal for any chopping task. As the handle of the product is built with PP and TPR material, you get a firm grip. Besides, the handle is designed ergonomically to prevent it from slipping. Under the two-year warranty period, you will get a free replacement for all manufacturing defects. Moreover, it’s a great deal at a low budget.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 699 || Deal Price – ₹319.
👉 Brand – Carote.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.
🎨 Colour – Red, Green, Orange, Sky Blue.

Voltonix Stainless Steel 3 Pieces Professional Kitchen Knife Set

Price – ₹1,999
Deal Price – ₹849
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It’s very difficult to find such an efficient yet budget-friendly knife set like the Voltonix Stainless Steel 3 Pieces Professional Kitchen Knife Set. If I were asked which knife on this list is your favourite, I would say this knife.

This Voltonix knife set is a new addition to my lovely kitchen. Now, this knife set is one of my favourites since it provides me with super fast and effortless cutting or chopping experience. With its extremely sharp blades, I get a finely finished look to cuttings and chopping veggies, fruits, bread, meat etc.

The handles of the knives in this set are designed conveniently to give you a firm grip to hold it effortlessly. Besides, its super sleek and floral printed look complements your kitchen’s decor. This knife set is not only suitable for our kitchens but also ideal for a chef.

So, just buy this knife set and enjoy your cutting chores. But I will warn you to use these knives very carefully as they have insane sharpness.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 1,999 || Deal Price – ₹849.
👉 Brand – Voltonix.
➠ Material – Carbon steel (blade), stainless steel (handle).
🎨 Colour – Multicolor.

Pigeon Shears Kitchen Knives set

Price – ₹695
Deal Price – ₹449
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Coming with a wooden stand to hold everything, the Pigeon Shears Kitchen Knives set is a must-have product in every kitchen. This set is a combo of one boner Knife (25cm), one Utility Knife (23cm), one Steak Knife(22cm), one paring Knife(18cm) and a Kitchen Scissor (21cm). So, you can use any of the items for cutting purposes as per your need.

Made of superior-quality stainless steel, all the cutting blades are durable and long-lasting. The paring knife is ideal for peeling any food or vegetable, the steak knife is for slicing and the utility knife is perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing.

The design of the boning knife with sharp points and a narrow blade is best for removing bones of meat and fish. The handles are designed for comfortable use and provide you with a proper grip. All the products are secured with a 1 year warranty period on manufacturing defects.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 695 || Deal Price – ₹449.
👉 Brand – Pigeon.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.
🎨 Colour – Silver.

AGARO Galaxy 6 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set

Price – ₹849
Deal Price – ₹770
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AGARO Galaxy 6 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set is a very top-rated and one of the best-selling knives on Amazon. Getting a set of an 8″ Chef Knife, a 7″ Sankotu Knife, a 5″ Utility Knife, a 3.5 ” Paring Knife, an 8″ Multi-Functional Scissor and a wooden case at such a low price is very difficult to find. Triple riveted bolster handles of the knives permit you to hold them firmly and comfortably as well.

Exceptionally sharp edges of the tools complete the cutting of any food item in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the wooden case is very durable and sturdy as it is made of oakwood. In short, you will need nothing except this knife set for the cutting of veggies, meat or fish. It has a warranty period of 1 year.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 849 || Deal Price – ₹770.
👉 Brand – AGARO.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.
🎨 Colour – Silver.

Victorinox Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

Price – ₹590
Deal Price – ₹549
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Available in various colour options such as – red, green, pink, orange, black and yellow, Victorinox Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife is one of the best-selling kitchen knives on the online market. From daily use in the home kitchen to professional chefs, this knife is suitable for everyone.

Built with superior quality stainless steel, the long-lasting and durable blade has an ultra-sharp edge. The 10 cm cutting blade is attached to the non-slipping handle made of polypropylene.

The brand Victorinox provides a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. But, if you damage the product through everyday wear and tear, misuse or abuse, the brand will not take the liability.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 590 || Deal Price – ₹549.
👉 Brand – Victorinox.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.

Godrej Cartini Premium Kitchen Knives Set

Price – ₹550
Deal Price – ₹519
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Our next pick in the list comes from the renowned brand Godrej Cartini. The Godrej Cartini Premium Kitchen Knives Set is a combo of three knives – a paring knife, a chopping knife and a dicing knife.

The paring knife is designed for appropriate peeling purposes. The chopping knife is ideal for multipurpose cutting. And, for accurate slicing, one should use a fine-dicing knife.

The handles of the knives are non-toxic due to being made with polypropylene. The product is easy to clean with a dishwasher. This set is boxed up with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty card. You will not get such a pocket-friendly knife combo easily. So, don’t think too much, just bring it home.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 550 || Deal Price – ₹519.
👉 Brand – Godrej Cartini.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.
🎨 Colour – Teal.

Leeonz Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set

Price – ₹1,500
Deal Price – ₹1,149
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Leeonz Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set can be a great deal for your kitchen at a very affordable price range. How will we choose if a knife is good or not? Of course, by seeing its sharpness. I assure you that you will not be disappointed with its sharpness.

For being built with superior-grade stainless steel, the blade fights with rust, corrosion and discolouration. Besides the kitchen, this knife set is a must-have in restaurants too.

Along with vegetables and fruits, it can chop, dice or slice different varieties of meat like – fish, chicken and beef. The handle is very convenient to use due to its ergonomic non-slipping design. Customers have highly rated the product on Amazon. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and buy it.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 1500 || Deal Price – ₹1,149.
👉 Brand – Leenoz.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.
🎨 Colour – Multicolor.

Bagonia Ceramic Chef Knife

Price – ₹799
Deal Price – ₹449
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Bagonia Chopper Knife is a superb budget-friendly knife for cutting food items. The material used in the blade and handle is ceramic and alloy steel respectively. The 13 cm sharp blade permits you to do any chopping work effortlessly.

From vegetables to fruits, fish to meat, this knife is well-suited for cutting or chopping any food item. The triple-riveted handle comes with a grip for a better experience. Thousands of people loved the product and gave positive feedback regarding the product on Amazon. I think you will also love it if you give it a try at least once.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 799 || Deal Price – ₹449.
👉 Brand – Bagonia.
➠ Material – Ceramic.
🎨 Colour – Multicolor.

Qsica Non-Stick Kitchen Knife Set

Price – ₹1,290
Deal Price – ₹ 649
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The Q’sica Non-Stick Kitchen Knife Set is an extremely good product to save our time and energy in cutting for cooking. If you once try the product, I am sure that it will become your go-to kitchen essential and turn your cooking ideas into a great piece of success. This set comes as a combo of three knives with blade covers. The knives are handcrafted with high-quality handles.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 1,290 || Deal Price – ₹ 649.
👉 Brand – Q’sica.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.

Crystal Bread Knife

Price – ₹265
Deal Price – ₹245
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Built with super strong alloy steel Crystal Bread Knife is an excellent choice for any kitchen. The 11-inch blade comes with a laser-serrated edge to perfectly cut the veggies or meat. The handle is easy to hold and is made of rosewood or plastic. Coming under everyone’s budget, this knife is totally value for money. Crystal Bread Knife is one of the most purchased knives on Amazon where you can easily find the product.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 265 || Deal Price – ₹245.
👉 Brand – Crystal.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.

Kai Hocho premium santoku Kitchen Knife

Price – ₹549
Deal Price – ₹459
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Our next pick in this list comes from the brand named ‘Kai’. Designed with advanced technology, this knife’s blade’s length is 6.77 inches. This super efficient knife comes with a razor-sharp blade to provide you the perfect shape of a food item you want.

Due to the use of carbon steel, this knife is rust proof and it lasts long. You can easily and comfortably hold the handle as it is built with nylon resin.

You can not only cut, mince and dice vegetables or fruits with it but also meat and fish. So, just go for the product and get your cutting work finished faster and easier.

🏷️ Price – Rs/- 549 || Deal Price – ₹459.
👉 Brand – Kai.
➠ Material – Stainless steel.
🎨 Colour – silver.

So, our list of the top 10 knives for the kitchen ends here. Hope you found the page helpful. Please take a minute to leave your valuable comment in the comment section.

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