Appropriate Preposition List || Grammar

What is an Appropriate Preposition? 

Actually, some nouns, adjectives, participles and verbs are followed by specific prepositions. These prepositions are called appropriate prepositions. If you want to be perfect about appropriate prepositions, you need to remember all the Appropriate Prepositions in the lists below.

Appropriate Preposition List

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with A

                    For Nouns

Abhorrence of 

Ability for

Absence from

Abundance of

Access to 

Accession to 

Acquaintance with 

Abstinence from 

Admission to 

Adherence to 

Advantage of 

Advantage over 

Admission of 

Addiction to

Affection for

Alien to 

Alliance with

Allusion to

Alternative to

Allegiance to

Ambition for

Antidote to/for/against

Antipathy to

Anxiety for

Answer to

Appetite for

Application for

Apprehension for

Aptitude for

Apology to/for

Arrival at

Aspiration for/after

Assurance of

Assent to

Attraction for

Attendance at

Attention to

Authority over

Authority on

Authority for

Aversion to/from/for

        For Adjectives and Participles

Abhorrent to

Abounding in/with

Absorbed in

Absent from

Acceptable to

Accessible to

Accomplished in

Accountable to/for

Accurate in

Accused of

Accustomed to

Acquainted with

Acquitted of

Adapted to/for/from

Addicted to

Adequate to

Adjacent to

Affectionate to

Afflicted with

Afraid of

Agreeable to

Akin to

Alarmed at

Alive to

Alien to

Alienated from

Allied to/with

Amazed at

Ambitious of/for

Amused at

Angry with/for/at/about

Annoyed at/with/for

Anxious for

Anxious about

Applicable to

Appropriate to

Apt at

Apt to

Ashamed of

Astonished at

Astonishing to

Assured of

Answerable to/for

Associated with/in

Adverse to

Aware of

                      For Verbs

Abide at/in

Abide by

Abide with

Abound in/with

Absolve from/of

Abstain from

Accord with

Account to/for

Accuse of 

Acquaint with

Acquit of

Act on/upon

Act up to

Adapt to

Adhere to

Add up to

Add to

Admit of

Admit to

Admit into

Agree with/to/on

Agree with

Agree to

Agree on

Aim at

Alight from

Allot to

Allude to

Alternate with

Answer to

Apologise to/for

Appeal to/for/against

Appear to/in/before

Apply to/for

Appoint to

Approve of

Arbitrate between

Argue with/against/for

Aspire to/after

Arrive at/in

Ask about/for/of

Assent to

Associate with

Assure of

Attain to

Attend to/on/at

Attribute to

Avenge on/for

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘B’

                      For Nouns

Bar to

Bias towards

Belief in 

Blindness to

Benevolence towards

          For Adjectives and Participles

Based on

Bare of 

Beloved of/by

Bent on

Bereft of

Beset with

Blind of/in/to

Beneficial to

Born of/in/to

Boastful of

Bound for/by/in

Bought of

Busy at/in/with/about

                       For Verbs

Bark at

Bask in

Bear with

Beg of/to/for

Belong to

Believe in

Bestow on/upon

Beware of

Blow over/out

Blame for

Blink at

Blush at for

Boast of

Borrow of/from

Border on

Buy of/from

Burden with

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘C’

                     For Nouns

Candidate for

Care of

Cause for

Cause of

Charge of

Care for

Clue to

Comment on

Contempt for

Compensation for

Compassion for

Complaint against

Comparison with

Competition for

Competition with

Complicity in

Copy from

Contemporary of

Confidence in

Connection with

Contrast to

Contribution to

Control over

Concession to

Consideration for

Contact with

Claim upon/against

Claim to/for


  • Claim upon or claim against a person 
  • Claim to or claim for a thing

Certainty about

Certificate of

Condolence with/in

         For Adjectives and Participles

Callous to

Capable of

Careful of/about

Cautious against/of

Conducive to

Competent for

Comparable to

Concerned in

Confident of

Confirmed in

Charged with

Certain of 

Characteristic of

Close to

Condemned to

Congenial to

Congratulated on

Conscious of

Connected with

Content with

Contrary to

Consistent with

Common to

Composed of

Contrasted with

Convicted of

Convinced of

Contemporary with

Conversant with

Correct in

Cured of

Confined to

Convenient to

Covetous of

                        For Verbs

Call on 

Call for

Canvass for

Care for

Catch at

Caution against

Censure for

Challenge to

Charge with

Clear of

Cling to

Coincide with

Combat with

Commence on

Comment on

Communicate to/with

Compare to/with

Compensate for

Compete with/for

Complain of/to

Complain against

Comply with

Conceal from

Condemn to/for

Condole with on/upon

Confess to

Confide to/in

Confront with

Congratulate on

Consent to

Contribute to

Consist of/in

Consult with/on

Contend with/for

Converse with/about

Convince of

Cope with

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘D’

                        For Nouns

Delight in

Disgrace to

Desire for

Disgust at

Distrust of

Dispute about/on

Dispute with

Disdain for

Dislike to/of/for

Descendant of

Drawback to

Demand for

Deliverance from

Doubt of/about

Decision on

Dependence on

Duty to

       For Adjectives and Participles

Determined on

Different from

Diligent in

Disappointed at

Detrimental to

Diffident of

Defective in

Devoid of

Delighted with

Dependent on

Deprived of

Derogatory to

Desirous of

Deserving of

Deaf at/in/to

Destitute of

Destined for/to

Destructive of/to

Disgusted with/at/by

Displeased with, at, by

Disqualified for/from

Dull at

Despondent of

Distrustful of

                             For Verbs

Deal in/with

Debar from

Defend against/from

Deliver from

Demand of

Despair of

Differ with/from/on

Deviate from

Dispense with

Distinguish from/between

Dispute with/about

Dissuade from

Divide in/into

Drop off/out of

Dwell in/on

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘E’

                     For Nouns

Eagerness for

Engagement with

Enmity with

Envy at

Exception to

Excuse for

Exemption for

Esteem for

Envy of

Endurance of

       For Adjectives and Participles

Eager for/after/about

Earnest in

Easy of

Educated in

Eligible for

Eminent for

Employed in

Empty of

Engaged to/in/with/on

Essential to

Endowed with

Enraged at/with

Envious of

Equivalent to

Entitled to

Exempted or Exempt from

Exhausted with

                             For Verbs 

Embark on/in

Emerge from

Entrust with/to

Encroach on/upon

Enter upon/into

Escape from

Excel in

Exchange for/with

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘F’

                           For Nouns

Faith in

Faith with

Fear of

Fear for

Freedom from

Freedom of

Fondness for

Failure in 

Fine for

Fancy for, to

       For Adjectives and Participles

Faithful to

False to

Familiar to/with

Famous for

Favourable to/for

Fatal to

Fatigued with

Fearful of

Fit for

Fond of

Free from

Full of

Fruitful in

                             For Verbs

Feed on/with

Fill with

Fly at/into

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘G’

                     For Nouns

Glance at/over

Gratitude to

Gratitude for

Greed of

Grief at

Guarantee for 

Genius for/in

Grudge against

        For Adjectives and Participles

Gifted with

Glad at

Good at/for

Grateful to/for

Guilty of

                                For Verbs

Glance at/over

Grapple with

Guard against

Guess at

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘H’

                      For Nouns

Heir to

Hope of

Hope for

Hatred of/for

Hindrance to

Hostility towards

        For Adjectives and Participles

Heedless of

Honest in

Hopeful of

Horrified at

Hostile to

Hard of

                            For Verbs

Hanker after/for

Heal of

Hide from

Hinge on

Hint at

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘I’

                       For Nouns

Inclination to/for

Indifference to

Influence over / upon / on 

Indulgence in

Indulgence to 

Interview with 

Interest in 

Insight into 

Invitation to 

Inquiry into 

Intimation to 

Instruction in 

       For Adjectives and Participles

Identical with

Ignorant of

Impatient of/at/for

Implicated in

Inclined to

Indebted to/for

Independent of

Indicative of

Indispensable to

Indignant with/at

Infected with

Initiated into

Innocent of

Insensible to

Inspired with

Interested in

Involved in

Irrelevant to

Irrespective of

Incumbent on

Infested with

Informed of

Intimate with

Intent on

Injurious to

                            For Verbs

Impress on/with

Impute to

Incite to

Inflict on

Infringe on

Inquire into/of

Insist on

Inspire with

Instil into

Interfere with/in

Introduce to/into

Intrude into

Invest in/with

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘J’

                     For Nouns

Jurisdiction over 

  • Tamluk Police Station has no jurisdiction over Howah. 

Jurisdiction in 

  •  You have no jurisdiction in this case. 

Joy in 

  •  I find joy in watching a football match. 

       For Adjectives and Participles

Jealous of 

  •  She is jealous of his neighbour’s success. 

              For Verbs

Jest at 

  • Why do you always jest at him? 

 Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘K’

                       For Nouns

Key to 

  •  Hard work is the key to success. 

                            For Verbs

Knock at 

  •  I knocked at your door for a long time. 

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘L’

                     For Nouns

Laxity in  

Lack of 

Lesson to/in

Lame of/in

Lecture on

Leisure for 

Laniency to

Libel against

Liking for

Limit to

Longing for/after

Likeness to

Love for

Lust for

Look at

        For Adjectives and Participles

Liable to/for

Limited to

Lost to/of

Loyal to

                            For Verbs

Labour under

Lament for

Laugh at

Lean against/on/to

Lie within

Listen to

Long for

Appropriate Prepositions for the words starting with ‘M’

                      For Nouns

Martyr for

Match for

Motive for

Menace to

         For Adjectives and Participles

Mad with/after

Made for/of

Mindful of

                            For Verbs

Make away with

Marry to

Marvel at

Meddle with

Mourn for

Appropriate Prepositions for the words starting with ‘N’

                          For Nouns

Neglect of/in

Need for

Necessity of/for

           For Adjectives and Participles

Natural to

Necessary to/for

Neglectful of

Negligent of/in

Notorious for

Noted for

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘O’

                      For Nouns

Obedience to

  • Your obedience to your parents is very good. 

Objection to

  • I have no objection to your proposal. 

Obligation to

  • He is under an obligation to that man for a loan. 

Obstruction to

Obstacle to

Opposition to

Opportunity for

Operation for

Order for

Observance of

         For Adjectives and Participles

Obedient to

Obligatory on

Obliged to/for

Oblivious of

Open to

Opposed to

Opposite to

Overwhelmed with

Offended with/at

                              For Verbs

Object to

Occur to

Operate on

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘P’

                       For Nouns

Partiality for

Passion for

Patience with

Preface to

Pride in

Prejudice against

Pretext for

Protest against

Proficiency in

Propensity to

Preventive of

Pity for

Perseverance in

Popularity with

Progress in

Proof of

       For Adjectives and Participles

Painful to

Parallel to/with

Partial to

Polite in/to

Poor in

Popular with/for

Preferable to

Prepared for

Preventive to

Previous to

Prodigal of

Proficient in

Prone to

Proper for

Proud of

Profitable to

Pleased with

Particular about

Prompt in

                               For Verbs

Part from/with

Partake of

Participate with/in

Persist in

Preside over

Prevail upon

Prevail over

Prevail against

Prevent from

Press for

Prey on

Proceed against

Proceed with

Provide for

Provide against

Provide with

Point at

Plot against

Ponder on/over

Pray for

Pry into

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘Q’

                     For Nouns

Qualification for

  • You do not have enough qualifications for getting this job. 

Quarrel between

  • There was a quarrel between the two sisters. 

        For Adjectives and Participles

Qualified for

  • He became qualified for the post. 

Quick at/of

  • She is quick at Mathematics and very much quick of understanding. 

                          For Verbs

Quake with

  • Everyone quaked with fear. 

Qualify for

  • She qualified for the post. 

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘R’

                     For Nouns

Readiness at

Reason for

Regret for

Reliance on

Relish for

Remedy for/against

Remorse for

Repentance for

Reply to

Request for

Resistance to

Resolution on

Respect for

Responsibility for

Result of

Revolt against

Rival in

Rivalry with

        For Adjectives and Participles

Reckless of

Related to

Relevant to

Repentant of

Rich in

Reconciled with

Respectful to/towards

Responsible to/for

Remote from

                              For Verbs

Reason with/about

Reckon upon/with

Refrain from

Rely on

Render into

Repent of

Result from/in

Retaliate on/by

Revenge on/upon/for

Rob of

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘S’

                       For Nouns

Search for

(In) Search of

Shame at or for

Share of

Similarity of….with

Similarity between

(A)Slave to

(The) Slave of

Sorrow for

Submission to

Supremacy over

Suspicion about

Sympathy for

Sympathy with

Stain on

Subject of/for

        For Adjectives and Participles

Scared to

Sanguine of 

Satisfactory to

Satisfied with

Sensitive to

Shocked at

Shocking to

Sick of/for

Stained with

Startled at

Steeped in

Strange to

Subordinate to

Sufficient for

Suspicious of

Sympathetic towards

Surprised at

Suitable for

Studded with

                              For Verbs

Sentence to

Shudder at

Side with/in

Smell of

Speak of/on

Stand against/by

Start for

Sick at/to

Strike at

Strike for

Stoop to

Subscribe to

Submit to

Succeed in/to

Succumb to

Surrender to

Sympathise with/in

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘T’

                   For Nouns

Taste of

  • He had a taste of freedom on his being released from the court. 

Taste (liking) for

  • She has no taste for shopping. 

Temptation to

  • It’s a temptation to her. 

Testimony to

  • This is a clear testimony to his kindness. 

Traitor to

  • You are a traitor to your country. 

Title to

  • He has no title to this property. 

Thirst for

  • She has an immense thirst for knowledge. 

Trust in

  • I have full trust in his ability. 

         For Adjectives and Participles

Temperate in

  • You are not temperate in your bad habits. 

Tenacious of

  • He is very tenacious of his aim. 

Thankful to/for

  • I shall be thankful to you forever. 

Tired of

  • I was tired of walking for the whole day. 

                              For Verbs

Taste of

  • The water of the jug tastes of sugar. 

Threaten with

  • He threatened the lady with death. 

Throw at

  • The boys threw stones at the dog. 

Tide over

  • We will tide over all the problems. 

Trifle with

  • He tried to trifle with my words. 

Triumph over

  • He easily triumphed over all his obstacles. 

Trust to

  • Don’t trust to Fate. 

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘U’

                    For Nouns

Union with

  • During the World War, Hitler brought about Austria’s Union with Germany. 

Use for

  • I have no use for such things. 

Use of

  • What is the use of meeting him now? 

        For Adjectives and Participles

Useful to

  • Mobile is very useful to our everyday life. 

                           For Verbs

Urge on

  • My teacher urged on me the importance of punctuality. 

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘V’

                            For Nouns

(A)Victim of

  • He became a victim of cancer. 

(A)Victim to

  • She is a victim to dowry system. 

Victory over

  • We should try for a complete victory over diseases. 

        For Adjectives and Participles

Vain of

  • He is vain of his property. 

Versed in

  • I am not well versed in Physics. 

Vested in/with

  • All power is vested in God. 

Victorious over

  • The tiger was victorious over the fight with the other tiger. 

Vexed with,at

  • My parents were vexed with me at my failure. 

                      For Verbs

Vie with

  • She vied with me for the first position. 

Vote for/against

  • I voted for/against him. 

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘W’

                           For Nouns

Want of

  • We could not buy any food for want of money. 

Warrant for

  • The police have an arrest warrant for you. 

Witness of/to

  • You are the one and only witness of (or to) this crime. 

Wonder at

  • I was wonder at the news. 

       For Adjectives and Participles

Weak in

  • I was not weak in Mathematics. 

Worthy of

  • Your handwriting is really worthy of praise. 

                           For Verbs

Wait for/on/upon

  • I waited for you for one hour. 
  • The inviter waited on (upon) the guests. 

Warn of/against

  • I warned you many times of the dangers. 
  • My teacher warned me against my unmindfulness in studies. 

Work at/for

  • I really worked hard for the examination. 

Wrestle with

  • The lady wrestled with death. 

Wink at

  • My father always winks at my faults. 

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘Y’

                     For Nouns

Yearning for

  • My yearning for the flat is boundless. 

             For Verbs

Yearn for

  • He yearned for the job. 

Yield to

  • We should never yield to difficulties. 

Appropriate Preposition for the words starting with ‘Z’

                      For Nouns

Zeal for

  • His zeal for social work is admirable. 

Zest for

  • My father had no zest for luxury. 

        For Adjectives and Participles

Zealous in 

  • I am zealous in spreading literacy among all. 

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