Bad effects of plastic Editorial letter| Class – 10,12

Bad effects of plastic Editorial letter Writing

The Editor,
The Statesman,
4 Chowringhee Square

Subject: bad effects of using plastic bags.


      Through the column of your esteemed and well-circulated daily, I would like to express my deep concern over the adverse effects of using the polythene bags irrespective of the

 environment, human beings and animals all over India. 

           Plastic carry bags, today an inseparable part of modern life, cannot be disposed of totally from the environment as they are made of non-biodegradable substances. After using these bags, people throw them here and there which creates a lot of problems. It not only pollutes the water but also makes the soil toxicated which endangers the lives of aquatic animals and disrupts the growth of plants. Mistaking plastic bags as food, many birds, fishes and animals often consume them and face death. For these reasons, many animal and plant species are almost extinct. Besides, waste hipped carry bags often paralyse the drainage system and create flooding situations in the cities clogging the rain water. Above all, plastic is also hazardous to human health. When one carries any food in it, its poisonous chemicals become mixed with the food and for a long time intect of such poisonous food, one has to suffer from hormonal and nervous disorder and even cancer. But the common people are not aware of these problems and they use these plastic bags thoughtlessly. 

       Under these circumstances, I appeal to the Govt of India to create public awareness so that they use jute and paper bags as the alternatives of plastic bags and to ban it for a healthy environment. 

Yours Faithfully
(Your name)

Thanking you,
Date: 12/07/21

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