Top 5 Mini Portable Fans (2023) for Kitchen, Office, Car

Hey! Welcome to another article. Today, I will share the top 5 mini portable fans 2023 for the bathroom, kitchen, office and car. All these fans are very efficient and handy to use.

Top 5 Mini Portable Fans (2023) for Kitchen, Office, Car
Top 5 Mini Portable Fans (2023) for Kitchen, Office, Car

We can’t travel everywhere with a ceiling or stand fan or AC, right? As a result, we have to face many problems due to extreme heat. Besides, in a country like India, the availability of space in our house or office is not a cup of tea. Many of us can’t install a proper fan for the lack of space. In that case, portable fans are the ideal choice. So, if you are looking for a perfect mini portable fan, then you are in the right place. I am quite sure that if you take a glance at the following five fans, your problem will be solved. Just pick any of the following options and keep yourself always cool. So, let’s have a look.

1. Bajaj Pygmy Mini High-Speed Fan

Bajaj Pygmy Mini High-Speed Fan

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Price – 1,785

Deal Price – 1,245
Buy Now

Bajaj Pygmy mini high-speed fan is one of my personal favourite budget-friendly mini portable fans. I have been using this super proficient fan for the last two years. And believe me, till now, I have no issue with the product. It is a rechargeable fan that comes to around Rs/- 1,245 only.

The multi-utility clamp mechanism allows you to easily use it by hanging it on the wall, window, door, or keeping it on the table. The Lithium-ion battery provides 4 hours of flawless airflow after complete charging. With the help of an existing power cable, one can effortlessly charge it. The fan consists of three-speed options.

You will get two eye-soothing colour options for this fan – cerulean blue and white. The weight and size of the product is 430g and 15.8 × 9.5 × 20.4 cm respectively. This lightweight, premium-looking mini fan gives instant cooling with its high air delivery. Overall it’s a great choice for anyone who needs uninterrupted personal airflow under budget.

The product reaches your hand with a 1-year standard brand warranty. In online stores like Amazon, BAJAJ Pygmy mini fan is one of the best-selling portable fans. So, why late? Just bring it home.

🏷️ Price – 1,785 (Deal Price – 1,245) – Buy Now.
🎨 Colour – 1. Cerulean blue 2. White
⚡ Power consumption – 10 W
Sweep size – 110 mm
Number of blades – 3
🤝 Brand Warranty – 1 year

2. Havells Crescent 250mm Personal Fan 

Havells Crescent 250mm Personal Fan 

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Price – 3,795
Deal Price – 2,845
Buy Now

Our next choice comes from India’s one of the most popular electronic brands, Havells. Havells Crescent 250mm Personal Fan is simply a perfect personal fan. Available in two colour variations – blue and yellow, this premium-looking portable fan comes around Rs/- 2,299 – Rs/- 2,899 only.

You can move the fan head full 180 degrees as per your need and use it as a table or wall-mounting fan. With high speed of 1350 RPM, the efficiency of this fan is nothing less than a ceiling fan. Its 30 CMM air delivery ensures even and proper air circulation throughout the room.

It consists of 5 aerodynamically designed blades and consumes only 38 W. Its unique crescent design defines any modern decor. You can adjust its speed with three different speed settings. Another unique feature of the fan is that you can set a timer for 2 hours which will let you save electricity. The product comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. During these summer days, instant cooling is just a purchase away of this fan. 

🏷️ Price – 3,795 (Deal Price – 2,845) – Buy Now.
🎨 Colour – 1. Blue 2. Yellow
⚡ Power consumption – 38 Watts
Sweep size – 250 mm
💨 Speed – 1350 RPM
Air delivery – 30 CMM
Number of blades – 5
🤝 Brand Warranty – 2 year

3. Havells Mini Kool Mate Personal Fan

Havells Mini Kool Mate Personal Fan

Price – 5,599
Deal Price – 5,500
Buy Now

Now, making your summer days cool and comfortable is just a matter of a few minutes with the help of Havells Mini Kool Mate Personal Fan. It’s a very travel-friendly mini fan that comes at an affordable price. With a low power consumption of 45 W, this fan operates at a speed of 2200 RPM.

Its aerodynamically designed three blades circulate the air evenly throughout the room. It is capable of 360° oscillation which makes it user-friendly. This smart fan comes with push buttons with LED indicators. It is a rechargeable fan that is available in white colour.

2 year standard brand warranty is secured with the product. From the kitchen to the living room, dining to the workplace, where doesn’t it suit? So, it’s a must-have product in this exhausting summer. 

🏷️ Price – 5,599 (Deal Price – 5,500) – Buy Now.
🎨 Colour – White
⚡ Power consumption – 45 Watts
💨 Speed – 2200 RPM
Sweep size – 200 mm
Number of blades – 3
🤝 Brand Warranty – 2 year

4. XPOWER Pro Built-in Sealed Motor Multipurpose Fan FC – 420

XPOWER Pro Built-in Sealed Motor Multipurpose Fan

Price – 18,153
Deal Price – ₹12,845
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In the next spot of our list, we have the XPOWER Pro Built-in Sealed Motor Multipurpose Fan FC – 420. Rs/- 12,845, this portable fan may seem a little bit costly but the service it provides is really worth the price. The super powerful long-lasting motor produces 2400 CFM impressive air delivery.

Coming with an attractive colour combination of white and black, this stylish mini fan will surely fit in any modern decor. It contains a 3 hours timer setting and 4-speed options for convenient use. Above all, this fan works so quietly and silently that you can work, sleep or relax with no disturbance or noise.

The charging cord provided with the fan has a length of 4.5 m. Consisting of five blades, this fan is designed in such a way that you can rotate the fan head full 360° as per your requirements. Its special grille design allows air to reach every nook and corner of your room so that you stay cool and comfortable all day long. From kitchen to bathroom, office to bedroom, you can use the fan anywhere you want. 

🏷️ Price – 18,153 (Deal Price – 12,845) – Buy Now.
🎨 Colour – White
⚡ Power consumption – 200 Watts
Air delivery – 2400 CFM
Number of blades – 5
🤝 Brand Warranty – 2 year

5. SPOSITO Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan

Rylan Rechargeable Table Fan

Price – 999
Deal Price – 8,45
Buy Now

SPOSITO Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan is an ideal choice if you are in search of a budget-friendly portable fan. The feature that makes it unique from the others is its attached night lamp on the side. You can use it as a bedside lamp that will not only save bedside space but also provide cool and comfortable sleep.

This white-coloured fan is made of a lithium-ion battery that provides service for up to 2 hours after 60 minutes of charging. You can also use this fan while charging. Its USB charging feature makes it perfect for those who are always on the go and need a fan that can be charged easily and conveniently. And guess what? You can also charge your phone from this fan which is a unique feature of the product.

The built-in optimized PCB chip prevents short circuit issues and expands the battery life by providing charge and discharge protection, over-temperature protection etc. It operates quietly to provide you with instant cooling. As per your needs, you can change its speed levels with 3-speed settings – 1. strong airflow, 2. comfortable airflow and 3. natural breeze. You can adjust the wind direction by moving the fan head 120° up and down. The product is boxed up with a USB cable.

🏷️ Price – 999 (Deal Price – 8,45) – Buy Now.
🎨 Colour – White, and Green.
Number of blades – 3

So, all these were the top 5 mini portable fans in 2023 in India. Hope you found the post helpful. Don’t forget to share your valuable opinion in the comment section.

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