What is SUFFIX? Different Types of Suffix with Meaning and Examples 

What is a Suffix?

The suffix is a letter or a group of letters that you add at the stem of a word, and that changes the meaning of the word or the way it is used. The suffix is also one of the main three types of Affix. For example:

The word ‘sad’ is an adjective. But when we want to form the noun form of this word we have to add ‘ness’ at the end of  ‘sad’. Then the adjective ‘sad’ turns to its noun form ‘sadness’. So, here ‘ness’ is the Suffix.

  • The Prefix is always used at the beginning of a word.
  • The Infix is always used in the middle of a word.
  • The Suffix is always used at the end of a word.

Different Types of Suffix with Meaning & Examples

    Suffix              Meaning        Examples
-able -ible, -blePossible to 

Having the quality 
Acceptable, divisible, irresistableFashionable, comfortable
-ageA process or stateA state or condition of A set or group ofAn amount of The cost ofA place whereStorage, shortageBondage 
-aholicLiking sth very much and unable to stop doing or using itA shopaholic 
-alConnected withA process or state ofEnvironmental Magically 
-ance, -ence, -ancy, -encyAn action, process or stateAppearance, existence, frequency, efficiency
-ant, -entThat is or does somethingA person or thing thatSignificant, differentInhabitation, deterrent
-arianBelieving inDisciplinarian 
-aryConnected withPlanetary 
-ate               Full of or having the quality ofTo give the thing or quality mentioned toPassionateActivate 
-ation A state on an action Examination 
-ativeDoing or tending to do sthIllustrative, talkative
-atorA person or thing that does sthCreator 
-builtMade in the particular way that is mentioneda newly built station
-centrichaving a particular centre based in a particular way of thinkingGeocentric Eurocentric 
-cideThe act of killing  A person or a thing that killsSuicide  Homicidal 
-cracyThe government or rule ofDemocracy 
-cratA member or supporter of a particular type of government or systemDemocratic 
-cy(also -acy)The state of quality ofThe status or position ofAccuracy 
-dimensionalhaving the number of dimensions mentionedthree dimensional
-domThe condition or state of the rank of,  an area ruled by the group of  Freedom  Kingdom  Officialdom 
-ectomya medical operation in which part of the body is removedAppendectomy (= removal of the appendix)
-edhaving the characteristics of make the past tense and past participle of regular verbsTalented 
Hated, loved
-eea person affected by an action a person described as or concerned with  Employee 
-eera person concerned  with to be   concerned withMountaineer 
-en To make or become Made of, looking likeBlacken, sadden
Wooden, golden
-erA person or thing that has the thing or quality mentioned A person or thing thatA person concerned withA person belonging toMakes comparative adjectives and adverbsThree-wheeler, foreigner

Lover, computer
Astronomer, philosopherNew Yorker
Wider, bigger, happier, sooner
-ery, -ryThe group or class of The state or character of The art or practice of A place where sth is made Greenery 
-eseOf a country or a city, a person who livs in a country or a city, the language spoken thereThe style or language of Chinese 

-esqueIn the style ofPicturesque 
-essFemale Lioness 
-estMakes superlative adjectives and adverbsHighest, happiest
-etteSmall Female Kitchenette Usherette 
-festA festival or large meeting involving a particular  activity or with a particular atmospherA talkfest 
-foldMultiplied by, having the number of parts mentioned To increase tenfold
-fulFull of, having the qualities of, trending ofAn amount that fill sthSorrowful 

-graphy A type of art or science A method of producing images, a form of writing or drawingChoreography Calligraphy, biography 
-hoodThe state or quality ofA group of people of the type mentionedChildhood 
The priesthood 
-ialTypical ofDictaterial 
-ian, -anFrom, typical of A specialist inShakespearian Mathematician 
-icConnected withThat performs the action mentioned Economic 
-icsThe science, art or activityPhysics, dramatics
-ide(chemistry) a compound of Chloride 
-ify, -fyTo make or become Purify, solidify
-inAn activity in which many people take partA -teach-in 
-ingUsed to make the present participle of regular verbsWalking, loving
-ionThe action or state ofCompetition 
-ishFrom the country mentioned Having the nature of, likeFairly, approximately Turkish


-ismThe action or result of The state or quality ofThe teaching, system or movement of Unfair treatment or hatred for the reason mentioned A feature of language of the type mentionedCriticism 


-istA person who believes or practices A member of a profession or business activity A person who uses a thingA person who does sthAtheist 


A person who uses a thing Plagiarist 
-iteA person who follows or supports Blairite 
-itisA disease of Too much, too much interest inTonsillitis World Cup-itis
-ityThe quality or state ofPurity 
-iveTending to, having the nature ofDescriptive 
-ize, -iseTo become, make or make likeTo speak, think, act, treat, etc. in the way mentioned To place in Americanize 


-lessWithout Not doing, not affected by StresslessSelfless 
– letSmall, not very important Booklet 
-likeSimilar to, typical of Childlike 
-lingSmall, not importantDuckling 
-logueTalk or speech A monologue 
-lyIn the way mentioned Having the quality ofAt intervals of Stupidly 
-maniaMental illness of a particular typeKleptomania 
-mentThe action or result ofArrangement 
-mostThe furthest Southmost 
-nessThe quality, state or characterDryness 
-oidSimilar toHumanoid 
-ology A subject of study A characteristic of speech or writing Sociology  
-orA person or thing  thatActor 
-oryThat doesA place forExplanatory Observatory 
-ousHaving the nature or qualityPoisonous 
-phile Liking a particular thing, a person who likes a particular thing Anglophile
-phillaA love of sth, especially connected with a sexual attraction that is not considered normalPaedophilla 
-phobeA person who dislikes a particular thing or particular people  Anglophone 
-phobiaA strong unreasonable fear or hatred of a particular thingXenophobia 
-scapeA view or scene ofLandscape 
-shipThe state or quality of The status or officeOwnership 
-some Producing, likely to A group of the number mentionedFearsome, quarrelsomeA foursome 
-sterA person who is connected with or has the quality of Youngster 
-thIn ordinal numbersThe action or process ofHundredth 
-ure The action, process or result ofFailure 
-ward, -wardsIn a particular directionBackwards 
-waysIn the direction ofsideways
-wiseIn the manner or direction of Concerning Clockwise 

Things aren’t too good businesswise 
-y (also -ey)Full of, having the quality of Tending to
The action or process (also -ie)
Dusty o clayey
Runny o stickyInquiry 

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