Write a Paragraph on “Tolerance”

Write a Paragraph on Tolerance

Unlike honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, hard-working and obedience, tolerance is also an ideal principle of life. It is not only a great virtue but also a positive outlook. Tolerance means the ability to bear others’ faith, opinion, food-habit, culture, ways of life, dress, and gesture. It also aims, “Live and Let Live”. If you learn to tolerate others and respect their sentiment, you will also be tolerated by others. At present, this tolerance is very essential not only in family life but also at the social and national levels. Tolerance ensures peace and prosperity. Even it brings happiness to a family and even strengthens unity in the family and even communal harmony on social and national levels. Even it brings overall development. But intolerance is so harmful not only to ourselves but also in every domain. Intolerance causes hostility and frequent communal riots. It causes breaches not only in a family but also in a nation. In a multilingual and multiracial country like India, tolerance must be kept up. Therefore everyone irrespective of students, teachers, politicians, and even all the citizens of India must try to cultivate the habit of tolerance for the well-being of the country. 

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