Write a Report on the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Your School

Write a Report on the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Your School



         – Reported by Sneha Ganguly  

Kolaghat, Purba Medinipur, 7th May 2021: The glorious Golden Jubilee of our Kola Union High School was celebrated from 2nd May to 6th May on the school premises. All the students and the teachers of the school participated in the celebration wholeheartedly. The school was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. On 2nd May, the birthday of the school, the programme was inaugurated by the hoisting of the National Flag by the president of the school. Then all the students and teachers sang the National Anthem in chorus and paid their homage to the altar of the martyrs. After that, a long procession was held in our school’s surrounding areas with the students and the teachers. The procession included the tableaux of some events and people of history like – the Battle of Panipat, Netaji’s fight against the British Raj, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore etc. On that evening, with the opening song, the cultural programme commenced. The Minister of water resources of West Bengal Mr Biplab Chattergee was the chief guest of the programme. All the speakers including the chief guest and the H.M of our school gave their valuable speeches about the progress of the school. They inspired the students for their future. In the next days, so many competitions on essay writing, sit and draw, recitation and even an exhibition on science were held. Even, so many cultural programmes like – songs, dances, and dramas were performed by the students of the school and some by the invited artists. An inter-school quiz contest with the help of a projector was held on 4th May among eight schools of the district including our school. On 5^th May, a seminar was held in the school auditorium hall in which the passed out students from the school were invited. The persons for whose immense contributions the school was set up, were also invited to this seminar. They recalled the glorious results of the school of the past as well as the present. On the last day, prizes were distributed among all the winners of the contests. Then the entire celebration was ceremonially over with the closing speech of the H.M. of the school. Then an amusing drama was staged by the teachers of the school. Cooperation and active involvement of all made the celebration a grand success. 

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