Write a report on the heavy Rainfall in Kolkata

Write a report on the heavy Rainfall in Kolkata

Heavy Rainfall In Kolkata, Normal Life Disrupted

-Reported by Pranati Paul
(Student of Class-XII)

Khiddirpur, Kolkata, 17th June, 2021: Heavy thunder and rain in the last 24 hours have submerged various parts of Kolkata. Behala, Khidirpur and many low areas are in knee-deep water. Floors of some houses and shops are still waterlogged. Some areas are still without electricity. The transportation and communication systems are totally disrupted. Even the tram service is also suspended as the tram lines are under water. The normal life of people has become disrupted. According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, this heavy rain has been caused due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal. They recorded 82mm rainfall in the past 24 hours. But the main reason for water accumulation up to the knees is the poor drainage system and the ineffective water pumping system. Though the KMC has operated pumps to flush out excess water from roads, residents of several areas complained that the process was delayed. The drainage and water pumping systems in many parts of Kolkata are not well maintained. As a result, the people of Kolkata have to suffer from this water logging problem only when it rains a little.


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