Write a report on the ‘No Tobacco In School’ Campaign organised by your school

Write a report on the ‘No Tobacco In School’ Campaign organised by your school

Question- Suppose, recently your school organised a campaign entitled ‘No Tobacco In School Premises’. Write a report on it in about 150 words.

Answer – 

   ‘No Tobacco In Shool’ Campaign Organised by Shreerampur Missionary School (H.S)

Reported by (your name)
(Student of Class- )

Shreerampur, Howrah, 8th April 2020: Yesterday, on the occasion of World Health Day, our Shreerampur Missionary School (H.S) organised a campaign entitled ‘No Tobacco In Scool’ to stop the growing addiction to tobacco among the students. The campaign was started at 10 am and continued up to 1 pm. The programme was started with the opening speech of the H.M of our school. Thow cancer specialists Dr Rajendra Sinha and Dr Priya Chatterjee were invited to this programme. They delivered their valuable speech about the harmful effects of chewing tobacco on the human body. They informed the students that chewing and smoking tobacco is not only hazardous to the users’ health but also to the people around them. Its use causes cancer of different parts like – throat, mouth and even lung. Even it affects the blood circulation system, nervous system and mental stability also and causes premature death. They also told the students how to get rid of such kind of addiction. There was an audiovisual presentation with the help of a projector on the injurious effects of tobacco and the recovery solution from it. Besides, people take tobacco in the form of cigarette, biri, gutka which toxic smoke and spit harm the health of the environment. The entire observation left a great impact among the students and they understood why they should avoid the use of tobacco. And there was an oath-taking ceremony with the students where everybody promised that they will never touch tobacco in future. The campaign came to an end with the closing speech and vote of thanks to all by the H.M. Active participation and co-operation made the programme a grand success.

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