BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Personal Fan Review After Using 1 Year

Hello everyone! Today I am introducing you to the BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Personal Portable Fan. As an Indian, I can confirm that power outages are very common in our country. On the scorching Indian summer days, it becomes unbearable without electricity. Now one can say that in the case of power outages, we can get electricity from inverters or solar panels. But the alternative sources of electricity are not affordable to most of us. A charging fan is a great solution so that you don’t have any problem with the heat even if there is no electricity. And in the case of charging fans, the BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Fan is one of my favourites. It is a very affordable charging fan that is perfect for personal use.

BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Personal Fan Review After Using 1 Year

After one year of using the BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Fan, I am here to share with you my experience with this fan, I will tell you its features, why this fan is the best, and where to improve.

So, let’s know more about the fan in detail:

After using BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Fan for 1 year, I am here to write the review. According to my personal experience, I would give this fan 5 out of 5.

It is very useful and convenient to use due to its portability. This fan has multifunctional properties due to its fixing clip.

BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Personal Portable Fan

You can not only use it as a table fan but also as a wall mounting fan wherever you want only by fixing it to something with its fixing clip.

You can rotate the fan’s body 360° which allows airflow in every direction you want. It can be a very helpful companion while cooking. You can place it somewhere where its airflow is not going to the oven flame but to you. You can feel cool and calm while cooking even in front of the oven. It can also be used in the bathroom, car, or office.

According to the price range and size of the fan, it produces satisfactory airflow. It’s ideal for emergency situations like power cuts to get rid of exhaustion in the heat. And also suitable for daily use during cooking.

The BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Personal Fan has three speed settings – low, medium, and high. The fan has a power button on its backside.

BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Fan's Speed & Settings

You have to press the button to turn the fan on. Then, it will be at the lowest speed.

When you press the button for the second time, it will work at medium speed.

When you press the button for the third time, it will work at high speed.

And the fourth time press, the fan will turn off.

You have no need to worry about its noise. From my personal experience, I can assure you that this fan works so silently that you can get a peaceful and delightful rest.

How to recharge BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Fan?

This portable fan is boxed with a power cord to charge it. Simply take out the power cable and plug it into the USB socket. There is a small charging indicator on the fan. This indicator will remain orange while it is charging. When the color of the indicator changes to green color, you can get to know that it is fully charged.

The fan takes nearly 6-7 hours to be fully charged.

If you fully charge this Bajaj mini fan, it runs for 1.5 hours at high speed, 2.5 hours at medium speed, and 4 hours at low speed.

But I will say that it would have been better if the battery backup was 5-6 hours instead of 4 hours. As compared to the charging time, the service time of the fan should have been more than what it provides.

The MRP of this product is Rs/- 1785. But you can get it at the lowest price here – Deal Price – Rs. 1,120.

BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Personal Fan Colours

The fan is available in two colour tasteful variations – Blue and White.

The BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Personal Fan has a voltage rating of 3.7 / 5 VDC.

BAJAJ Pygmy Mini Rechargeable Fan comes with an 1800 mAh battery backup. The battery of this one of the best personal fans is made with Lithium-ion which makes it very powerful.

The maximum power of this mini fan’s battery is 10 W.

The BAJAJ Pygmy mini fan has three super sleek blades with a 110 mm sweep size.

This mini portable fan’s main body is made with premium quality plastic.

The dimensions of the BAJAJ Pygmy mini fan are 158 L × 95 W × 204 H MM.

A one-year warranty period is secured with this portable fan.

Finally, I will only say that it is a must-have product for everyone’s house.

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