How to write a quotation to a computer lab assistant

How to write a quotation to a computer lab assistant

Question: Write a letter as a distributor to the computer lab assistant of a school sending quotation in reply to his inviting quotation

SONY Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,
Kolkata, West Bengal,
Ref: Inviting quotation – 17/10/21

The Computer lab assistant,
Kharui Union High School (H.S),
Kharui, Purba Medinipur

Sub: Quotation of computer items

In response to your letter of 17/10/21 inviting quotation of computer items, I am giving here the details of computer products and their prices for your kind acceptance.

Serial No.Computer itemsPrice per unit
1Computer monitor (22 inch) (coloured) Model No. – 1022Rs. – 10000
2C.P.URs. – 8000
3U.P.SRs. – 3000

Hope you would find our quotation most favourable. Please note that the price mentioned above includes G.S.T, transportation and installation cost. We will provide you with an extra 20% discount on the printed price if payment is done by cash within 10 days after delivery of the ordered items. 

Looking forward to your placing order. 

Yours Faithfully
(Your name)
SONY Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Thanking you,
Date: 20/10/20

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