Write an Essay on Life During Lockdown in English in 500 words

Life During Lockdown Essay

‘Lockdown’, the term that was not commonly known to us before the year 2020, is now familiar to almost all the people of the world. The invisible virus that acquainted us with this term is none other than the Novel Coronavirus or Covid 19. Covid 19 which is considered to be the most contagious virus in the history of mankind plagued the whole world with physical, mental and economic problems. 

To assure the safety of common people and to prevent the virus from spreading, our government decided to lock down across the country on 24th May 2020. After that, the lockdown continued for a long time in phases as the virus was spreading rapidly from person to person. Normal life was totally disrupted by it. All school, college, office and business work were closed. Only grocery, vegetable and medicine shops were open to meet the basic needs of people. No one was allowed to leave the house except in an emergency. Even when leaving the house in an emergency, it was obligatory to wear a mask and keep a distance from each other. In a word, people became housebound. Even we planned a family tour to Darjeeling in May. But it was also cancelled due to lockdown. 

But thinking about the safety of ourselves and our family, we gradually adapted to the new normal. As a student, it was very difficult for me. Not going to school day after day, and not being able to talk to friends – seemed extremely monotonous. However, online classes were organized on behalf of the school so that there is no harm to our education. Study materials, questions and answers were easily available via WhatsApp, Email and different social media platforms. 

But offline classes are much easier and more fruitful than online classes because there is an opportunity for face-to-face conversation. I also gained new experience in giving exams online. Actually, the lockdown period led the world to digital education. Students have become more dependable on digital studies. Since the whole world is moving towards the digital revolution very fast, digital skills are also needed.

It was possible to talk to friends through video calls and chatting. But, it was not as fun as we can get while talking to them face to face. The news of the death of thousands of people every day in this deadly disease made my mind sad. Even so many people faced death due to poverty, unemployment and hunger. These are really very heartbreaking. 

But, besides all the disadvantages of lockdown, there are also some advantages of lockdown. As we had to stay at home all day, I got an opportunity to spend more time with my parents and family. Even I was able to fulfil my various hobbies like painting, gardening and cooking. I and my mother tried new dishes and enjoyed them. I planted so many plants of fruits and flowers in our garden. I think like our garden, our mother nature became greener than before during the lockdown period. It is because of the less pollution in the environment. Nature and its creatures seemed to be at ease for a few days as almost all vehicles and factories were closed all over the world. The ozone layer, which protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, and which had holes in it for human activities, also slowly healed. 

But in course of time, when the spreading rate of the virus began to decrease, gradually life began to be normal. I couldn’t wait to go to school. I am very thankful to God that now I can go to school which I never thought would happen again. But we still have no way to be absolutely unworried, because covid 19 is not over yet. So, we have to follow precautions like wearing masks and sanitizing our hands. I hope, one day this virus will completely extinct from our beautiful planet and we will go out with no fear of disease.

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