Write an Essay on the Memory of Your First Day at School

Write an essay on the memory of your first day at school

Question: Write an essay in about 350 words on the memory of your first day at school

My First Day At School

      Many years have gone by since I was sent to school for the first time. My memory of the first day is still vivid in my mind.

        My father introduced me to the Headmaster who guided me to my classroom. The previous day, I had been enrolled in class – IV. There were twenty boys in all, most of them seemed to be my age. As the school hadn’t started yet, the room was buzzing with conversation. As soon as I sat down, a group of boys came around me, inquiring about me. I was a little nervous at first, but after I discovered that they were not evil, I felt much better. One of them appeared to like me and sat beside me. We later became fast friends, and this friendship has lasted throughout our school years.

 Soon after, the bell rang, and a teacher entered the class. We all stood up and welcomed him with “Good morning Sir.” He received the greeting with a lovely smile, saying, “Good morning students,” and asked us to take a seat. As soon as his eyes fell on me, he approached and inquired about my name. His soft tone put me at ease, and I replied to him freely and respectfully. He began the day’s lesson by saying a few encouraging words to us. The way he discussed his subject made the lesson clear to everyone. The other teachers who arrived that day had a similar impact on me. One of them summoned me to the board and ordered me to write a few phrases he dictated. When he discovered that all of my spellings were accurate, he was pleased and patted me on the back.

      I spent some time watching the boys play in the school compound during the tiffin hour. Then I joined a couple of my classmates in a game of hide-and-seek.

Following that, there were two classes. My experience was remarkably similar to that of the early morning hours.

  When the class ended, I went back home, free of all my anxieties. Instead, I felt compelled to do all in my power to gain the affection of my teachers and classmates.

Smartobey TIP: You must know that before writing any essay, you have to give it a title first. But most of the students make a minor mistake while writing the title when they get a question like above. In the question like above, the title should be ‘My First Day At School’ but being confused many students write it ‘Your First Day At School’. So, be careful about it.

Question 2: Write an essay in about 200 words on the memory of your first day at school

My First Day At School

The first day of school is still fresh in my mind. I was then 5 plus and it was the second day of January. On that auspicious day, I went to the Behala Primary School with my mother. There were many boys and girls on the school ground already. Soon I was taken to the headmaster’s room. He asked me some questions, most of which I could answer correctly. Then he called a maid to take two class-I. There a girl was crying as her mother had left her in school. After some time, an aunty came and consoled the crying girl by saying that her mother was just outside the room. The aunty was a good lady. She entered the class with chalk, a duster and a register in her hand. She wrote a simple sum on the board and asked us to solve it. I could easily solve it and showed it to the aunty. She gave a ‘good’ in my exercise book. When the class was going on, the school bell rang. The school broke up after the first period. I ran to see my mother. She was waiting for me outside. I felt an attraction for the school and my classmates. In my vacant mood, the memory of my first day at school comes to my mind.

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