Prepositions Beginning With ‘A’ List

Prepositions Beginning With ‘A’ List

The list below contains 26 one-word (16) and complex (10) prepositions which begins with ‘a’

One-word prepositions

aboard (also adverb) 

  • Is there any doctor aboard the boat? 
  • I like to travel aboard the plane. 

about (also adverb and adjective) 

  • He was about to slap you. 
  • Let’s talk about our future plans. 
  • What is your opinion about this matter? 

above (also adverb and adjective) 

  • The birds are flying over our heads. 
  • We live in the city, 1200 meters above the sea-level. 
  • It’s only 4° above freezing point. (+4°) 
  • Who came above you in the annual examination? 

across (also adverb) 

  • He looked across at me. 
  • We ran across the street. 
  • There is not a single bridge across the river. 
  • He lives in the flat across the street just opposite my house. 

after (also conjunction, adverb and adjective) 

  • He always takes breakfast after the prayer. 
  • Will you meet the day after tomorrow? 


  • Are you for or against this decision?
  • He stood against the wall.

along (also adverb) 

  • We walked along the muddy path. 
  •  There are no trees along the road. 
  • Soon we were driving along a narrow road. 
  • Cars were parked along the grass borders. 

alongside (also adverb) 

  • He was sitting alongside her. 
  • The car came alongside our car. 

amid/amidst (poetic) 

  • Sorry, I couldn’t recognize you amid the crowd. 
  • We lost our way amidst the forest. 
  • Our dream home, set amid magnificent rolling countryside. 


  • There were spies of the police amongst the common people. 
  • She is the only girl amongst the toppers. 
  • Wild strawberries hid amongst the roots of the trees. 
  • The king called his three princes to divide his kingdom among them. 

anti (also adjective, noun and prefix) 

  • He is always anti everything. 
  • You seem to be anti my decision. 
  • I am anti the abuse of drink and the hassle that it causes. 

around (also adverb) 

  • We walked around the village for one hour. 
  •  John seized him by the shoulders and turned him around. 
  • There was no one around us. 
  • The palazzo is built around the courtyard. 
  • My grandfather was born around 1930.

as (also conjunction, adverb, noun and prefix) 

  • No other mountain is as high as Mount Everest. 
  • I will serve you as your most faithful slave. 
  • Are you working as a cook?
  • You are as fat as me. 

astride (also adverb) 

  • He was standing astride the cars. 
  • The port stands astride an international tour. 

at (also noun) 

  • We first met at a fair. 
  • The meeting will start at 11 pm. 
  • He got the job at 23 (years of age). 
  • She is at the office. 
  • Prices start at $1000.

atop (poetic) (also adverb) 

  • The weathervane is perched atop the barn. 
  • There is a temple atop the hill. 

Complex prepositions

according to (also adverb) 

  • According to me, this is the best tourist spot in the city. 
  • According to the report card, you have failed the exam. 

ahead of 

  • Sourav is ahead of Surya in sports. 
  • We had a long day ahead of us. But we spoiled it for laziness. 

along with

  • Please give me some noodles along with the chicken. 

apart from

  • Apart from dancing, he also knows singing. 

as for

  • As for Josef, he will come later. 

aside from

  • I have another red gown aside from this one. 

as per

  • As per my opinion, you should not go there further. 

as to

  • You were not right as to your behaviour. 
  • I was given no instructions as to how to begin. 

as well as

  • She is an expert in cooking as well as painting. 

away from (also adverb) 

  • The thief ran away from the jail. 

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