Prepositions Beginning with ‘B’ List

Prepositions Beginning with ‘B’ List

One-word prepositions


Definition: without, except, but

  • Barring a miracle, you will fail the examination. 

before (also conjunction and adverb) 


1. During the period of time preceding (a particular event or time) 

  • I had to complete the homework before dinner. 

2. In front of

  • Stephen stood before her. 

3. In preference to; with a higher priority than

  • A skilled warrior who places duty before all else. 

behind (also adverb and noun) 


1. At or to the far side of something, typically so as to be hidden by it

  • The recording machinery was kept behind the screens. 
  • The sun went behind a cloud. 

2. Later or less good than sb/sth, making less progress than sb/

  • The train is 1 hour behind schedule. 

3. In support of or giving guidance to. 

  • In every difficulty, I will be behind you. 

4. After the departure or death of. 

  • He has left me behind. 

below (also adverb) 


 1. At a lower level or layer than

  • Her marks in the exam are below average. 
  • You can take it if it is below $100.

2. Extending underneath

  • The tunnel is below the crags. 
  • There is an Indian family in the flat below us. 

beneath (also adverb) 


1. Extending or directly underneath, typically with close contact

  • The ship disappeared beneath the waves. 

2. At a lower level or layer than

  • Beneath the floor, there is a cellar. 
  • Our shop is beneath our house. 

beside (also adverb)

Definition: At the side of; next to

  • He sat beside me in the front row. 
  • The river flows beside our village. 

besides (also adverb) 

Definition: In addition to; apart from

  • I have no other family besides my husband. 
  • Besides singing, I like to cook new dishes. 

between (also adverb) 


 1. at, into, or across the space separating (two objects or region?) 

  • This is the border between India and Bangladesh. 

2. In the period separating (two points in time) 

  • They practice math between meals. 

3. In the interval separating (two points on a scale) 

  • A man aged between 20 to 30 met us there. 

4. Indicating a connection or relationship involving two or more parties. 

  • You don’t know the links between science and industry. 

5. By combining the resources and actions of

  • We have created something between us. 

beyond (also adverb and noun) 


 1. At or to the further side of

  • He pointed to a spot beyond the trees. 

2. Happening or continuing after (a specified time or event) 

  • He is working excellent beyond the age of 60.

3. Having progressed or achieved more than (a specified stage or level)

  • We need to get beyond square three. 

4. To or in a degree or condition where a specified action is impossible. 

  • His face is beyond recognition. 

5. Except, apart from

  • Beyond telling us that she was well-educated, he has nothing to say about her. 

but (also conjunction and adverb) 

Definition: except, apart from, other than

  • He eats every vegetable but broccoli. 
  • None but I saw you there at that moment. 
  • We could not but shed tears. 
  • In Texas we were never anything but poor. 

by (also adverb and adjective) 


1. Identifying the agent performing an action. 

  • Malaria can be controlled by attacking parasites. 

2. Indicating the amount or size of a margin. 

  • The shot missed her by miles. 

3. Indicating a deadline or a particular period of time. 

  • I have got to complete this project by Sunday. 

4. Indicating a physical object beside a place or object. 

  • Her body was discovered by the roadside. 

5. Concerning, according to

  • Anything you do is alright by me. 

Complex Prepositions

because of (also conjunction) 

  • We couldn’t play because of the rain. 

but for (also conjunction)

  • Yes, you are right. But for you, my mother scolded me. 

by means of

  • You unlocked the door by means of the key. 

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