Prepositions Beginning with ‘D’ List

Prepositions Beginning with ‘D’ List

Here is a list of 6 prepositions which begin with the letter ‘D’ with their meaning and examples.

One-word Prepositions


Meaning: other than

  • The plea shows that no request, dehors the letter, existed. 


Meaning: without being affected by; in spite of

  • He remains a great leader despite age and infirmity. 
  • Despite so many disadvantages, he ranked in the exam.
  • He went to play despite being ill.


Meaning: 1. from a higher to a lower point of (something)

  • The kids ran up and down the stairs.
  • The bank is down the road. 

2. throughout (a period of time)

  • Astrologers down the ages. 


Meaning: throughout the course or duration of (a period of time)

  • The restaurant remains open during the day. 
  • You fell asleep during the class. 
  • I want to go to the zoo during the vacation. 
  • I ate popcorn during the whole film. 

Complex Prepositions

Depending on

  • We will play football tomorrow, depending on the weather. 

Due to

  • We could not go out due to the rain. 

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