Prepositions Beginning with ‘C’ List

Prepositions Beginning with ‘C’ List

From this article, you will learn 11 prepositions beginning with the consonant ‘C’ with their meaning and examples. So, let’s see:

One-word Prepositions


Meaning: at the home of (used in imitation of French, often humorously)

  • I spent the summer chez Grandma. 


Meaning: when a specified time is reached or event happens

  • I don’t think that they will be far away from honors come the new season. 


Meaning: (often preceding a date) approximately

  • He was born circa 1930.
  • The house was built circa 1960.


Meaning: on the subject of or in connection with; about

  • My grandmother told me a story concerning a horrible beast. 
  • Your teacher asked me some questions concerning your result. 


Meaning: taking (something) into consideration

  • Considering Christmas, Simon was remarkably cheerful. 
  • Considering the quality, I think the price is very cheap. 


Meaning: opposition

  • He always become contra of all my decisions. 


Meaning: taking account of when reaching a total; including

  • There were three of us in the family, or four counting my pet dog.
  • It makes $100, not counting the tax. 


Meaning: combined with; also used as (used to describe things with a dual nature or function)

  • There is a sofa-cum-bed in the room. 
  • I am a type of manager-cum-receptionist of this Hotel. 

Complex Prepositions

Care of

Meaning: by

  • The letter was delivered care of your father.

Close to

Meaning: near

  • The shop is close to my house. 

Contrary to

Meaning: against

  • Contrary to popularity, the company has lost its product quality.

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