Prepositions Beginning with ‘F’ List

Prepositions Beginning with ‘F’ List

From this article learn about 6 common prepositions beginning with ‘F’ with their meaning and examples

One-word Prepositions


Meaning: coming after or a result of

  • Police are hunting for two men following a spate of robberies in the area. 
  • We sang the National Anthem following the hoisting of the National Flag. 
  • She could not stand up following her illness. 


  • Would you like to go for a walk with me? 
  • This dress is for you. 
  • Smoking is not good for your health. 
  • I am walking for two kilometers
  • She tried to solve the problem for a few hours. 
  • I am saving money for our future. 
  • Is this the flight for Tokyo? 
  • I have both love and respect for you. 
  • Is this a gift for me? 
  • I bought this teddy for $15.
  • Are you ready for this competition? 


  • She began to walk away from him. 
  • The show will run from 10 to 2.
  • I’m from India. 
  • Men who ranged in age from seventeen to eighty-four. 
  • You can see the island from here. 
  • A varnish made from copal
  • The party was ousted from power after sixteen years.
  • The story of how he was saved from death. 
  • The woman’s child is suffering from asthma.
  • Information obtained from papers, books, and presentations.
  • The courts view him in a different light from that of a manual worker. 

Complex Prepositions

For the sake of

  • He sacrificed his life for the sake of love. 

Forward of 

  • The girl was sitting just forward of me in the plane. 

Further to

  • Further to your letter, I have spoken to Mr Johnson. 

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