Prepositions beginning with ‘U’ List

Prepositions beginning with ‘U’ List

Here are 10 English prepositions that start with the letter ‘U’ with their proper definition and examples. 



  1. Extending or directly below
  • The cat is sitting under the table. 
  1. At a lower level than
  • She works under her boss. 
  1. Lower than (a specified amount, rate, norm, or age)
  • You should not buy it if it’s not under $20.
  1. Controlled, managed, or governed by
  • The country is now under presidential rule. 
  1. Undergoing a process
  • The school is under construction now. 



  1. Situated directly below (something else)
  • Our drawing room is right underneath theirs. 
  1. So as to be concealed by (something else)
  • Money changed hands underneath the tables. 


Definition: not similar to something

  • This is not a large house unlike Mr Kohli. 
  • It’s unlike James to be so afraid. 


Definition: Up to (the point in time or the event mentioned)

  • The kidnappers have given us until November 7th to deliver the ransom. 
  • The baby continued crying until she got the teddy. 


  • Their marriage was forever upto death. 


Definition: From a lower to a higher point on (something)

  • She climbed up a flight of steps. 


More formal term for on, especially in abstract senses

  • Have you any book upon Geophysics? 
  • It was based upon two principles. 
  • Keep the glass upon the table. 

Complex Prepositions

Up against

  • You are always up against me. 

Up to

  • The company was doing very well up to 2010.

Up until

  • I walked up until he came. 

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