Prepositions beginning with ‘W’ List

Prepositions beginning with ‘W’ List

In this article, I have shared 8 prepositions that start with the letter ‘W’ with their examples in sentences. 

One-word Prepositions



  1. Accompanied by (another person or thing) 
  • I went to see the movie with my sister. 
  1. Possessing (something) as a feature or accompaniment
  • I want a flower-sprigged blouse with a white collar. 
  1. Indicating the instrument used to perform an action
  • Cut the fruits with a knife. 
  1. In opposition to
  • They started fighting with each other. 
  1. Indicating the manner or attitude of the person doing something
  • He did the work with great reluctance. 
  1. Indicating responsibility
  • Leave it with me. 
  1. In relation to
  • My father will be angry with me. 
  1. Employed by
  • She is with IBM now. 


Definition: Inside (something) 

  • The spread of fire within the building was horrible. 
  • Finish your breakfast within 15 minutes. 
  • He lives within 5 miles of his office.


Definition: In the absence of

  • He went to Switzerland without her. 
  • Oh no! I have come without the important file.


  • Jewelry worth $450 was given. 

Complex Prepositions

With an eye to

  • Your parents are working hard with an eye to your success. 

With reference to

  • I can give you the solution with reference to your problems. So, you can tell me. 
  • In reference to your order, I am sending the product as soon as possible. 

With regard to

  • I will talk to your parents with regard to what you want. 

With respect to

  • I have something to tell you with respect to your job. 

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