Prepositions starting with ‘R’ List

Prepositions starting with ‘R’ List

One-word Prepositions


Definition: In the matter of (used typically as the first word in the heading of an official document or to introduce a reference in an official letter)

  • Re: invoice 76.
  • She wanted to talk with you re the proposed place. 


Definition: with respect to

  • I have received your letter regarding your study problem. 
  • I don’t want to talk regarding the incident. 


Definition: With reference or regard to.

  • He began to have serious worries respecting his car. 
  • The doctor has given me so many medicines respecting my illness. 


  • In winter, people of my village sit round the fire to get a little warm. 
  • There is a high wall round my house.

Complex Prepositions

Regardless of

  •  I don’t want to buy the dress regardless of its quality. Because its price is very high. 

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