Prepositions beginning with ‘P’ List

Prepositions beginning with ‘P’ List

In this article, I haave discussed 10 prepositions that begin with the letter ‘P’ with their usage in sentences. 

One-word Prepositions


  • I don’t want to recall the memories again. It’s past me now.
  • The hostel is just past my house. 
  • I don’t like to work past my bedtime. 
  • It’s nearly 20 minutes past four. 
  • We saw you in the garden when we drove past your house.


Definition: Until (something) happens or takes place.

  • They were released on bail pending an appeal. 
  • They will not give you the goods pending the payment. 
  • The family members are worried pending his return.



  1. For each (used with units to express a rate)
  • This gas station charges $1.30 per gallon. 
  1. By means of
  • Send it per express. 
  1. Divided by a line in the direction of
  • The polythene costs $5 per square meter. 
  1. In accordance with
  • We have made this as per your instructions. 


Definition: With the addition of

  • 8 plus 2 is 10.
  • There are four members in the family, plus the baby. So, there are five now. 

Post (means after) 

  • Indian poetry post the 1950s hasn’t had the same impact. 


Definition: Short for upon, especially in poetic use or to represent dialect.

Pre (means before) 

  • The trees were almost certainly planted pre 1800.


Definition: In favor of

  • Are you pro superstition or not? 
  • They are pro the virtues of individualism. 

Complex Prepositions

Preparatory to

  • I have made a graph preparatory to the building. 

Prior to

  • She never spoke Hindi prior to visiting us. We taught her the language. 

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