Write a Paragraph on ‘My Hobby’ – 100, 150, 200 words.

Write a Paragraph on ‘My Hobby’

My Hobby on Drawing:

My Hobby (Drawing)

I like to live in happiness. I enjoy a variety of games. I recite poems and narrate stories. But drawing pictures gives me a lot of delight. My hobby is drawing images. I am attracted to beautiful things. I enjoy seeing a beautiful flower or a little bird. The magnificence of the sunset cannot be described in words. I do drawings of these objects. Minutes become hours. I’m not tired at all. I start by sketching. Then I utilise colours, specifically yellow, red, and green. My thoughts begin to colour. I understand the thrill of creating.

My Hobby Paragraph on Gardening:

The hobby of My Life (Gardening)

Many people have many interests such as coin collecting, painting, travelling, and many more. I also have a hobby, which is gardening. We have a tiny yard in front of our house, where I have planted a flower garden. It grows a variety of seasonal flowers. A lovely flower is believed to be God’s most beautiful creation. I almost lose myself in utter joy when I feast my eyes on the beauty in my garden and smell their fragrance. At the back of my home, I have a kitchen garden. Here I grow veggies that are often used. This not only saves us money but also provides us with new items. I spend most of my free time on my hobbies. When I’m engaged in anything, time seems to fly by. I frequently visit a nearby nursery to purchase saplings” and fertilizer. I have to keep an eye on the plants in case ants or insects attack. Gardening needs a significant amount of effort. The soil must be thoroughly prepared with water and compost. All of these things are done by myself. Still, the effort and discomfort faint in contrast to the pleasure I derive from my activity.

My Hobby Paragraph on Photographing:

My Hobby (Photographing)

A hobby is a recreational activity that is done only for enjoyment. People have a variety of interests. Photography is something I like doing. I photograph the beautiful and fascinating things in the world. My photos of a butterfly on a rose and playful kittens have received a lot of positive comments. I’m also interested in documenting pleasant moments in life. Years pass, and we remember them. My mum could become irritated if she has to smile for the camera. My restless brother might not want to sit still for a photo. Days will pass you by silently. Their photographs will be saved in albums. We have no idea how much delight these photographs will provide us in the future. Photography is a wonderful source of pleasure. It’s both amusing and helpful. It creates a sense of aesthetic pleasure. It improves accuracy. In a changeable world, it attempts to make certain moments permanent. My father’s photograph on the beach might be considered a piece of art. But my satisfaction comes from somewhere else. I’ve caught a moment in time that will never return.


Q1: What is my hobby?

A hobby is a favourite subject or career that is not one’s major source of income. It is undertaken only for entertainment or pleasure. It is important to remember the phrases ‘, not one’s main business’ and ‘for pleasure and entertainment. A man’s principal business may provide him joy. Alternatively, he may be forced to take up a job that is unrelated to his attraction and in which he is unsatisfied. This isn’t a hobby. A pastime must include both “outside one’s main business” and “pleasure and enjoyment.”

Q2: What are the different types of hobbies?

Answer: Hobbies may be anything you want them to be, such as painting, singing, dancing, reading, gardening, fishing, cooking, travelling or even sports. It depends on individuals.

Q3: Why are hobbies important in our life?

A hobby is a recreational activity done for fun. There are so many advantages of hobbies in our life. Hobbies provide mental refreshment for the exhausted mind. Life is full of duties and responsibilities. In our leisure time, we may recharge our batteries by engaging in enjoyable activities. Our boredom is fading. We’re filled with delight. A pastime keeps the mind busy and makes it happy. A man who has a pastime rarely feels lonely and depressed. He has greater health than someone who has no hobbies at all. Every great man had a hobby of some kind. Rabindranath loved to paint. Gandhiji went on lengthy walks. Lincon’s interest was farming, whereas Huxley’s was collecting stamps. Fishing, gardening, stamp collecting, and painting are all enjoyable pastimes. Different qualities are developed in us as a result of our interests. Gardening and art, for example, instil in us a feeling of beauty. Stamp collecting widens our understanding of history and geography. Fishing also teaches us patience. But we do it as a pastime, not for a living. It is beneficial if it provides us with joyful relief from monotony.

Different people have different interests. Some people collect used stamps, while others like gardening, fishing, painting, and so on. However, whatever the activity, it has worth. The most essential benefit is that hobby adds pleasure to life. The task we undertake for a livelihood or for profit is similar to a job that has been placed on us. We have no choice but to do it, whether we enjoy it or not. The human heart, on the other hand, wants genuine delight in working. And he discovers this in his hobbies. A person selects a hobby based on his or her interests. As a result, it provides him genuine pleasure and delight. Secondly, a hobby keeps a guy from wasting or idling away his free time.

Besides, various hobbies create various characteristics. Images of important people, locations, and items from the respective countries can be found on stamps. As a result, stamp collecting provides us with a fascinating history and geography education. It also offers a sense of these countries’ arts and tastes. Gardening and painting foster an appreciation of nature’s beauty and delight, while angling teaches patience and calm.”

Q4: Do I need professionals to develop a hobby?

It is not necessary to seek expert assistance for a hobby, but if you feel compelled to do so, then go forward.

Q5: What are the disadvantages of a hobby?

However, not everything that makes us happy is a hobby. It must not disrupt our primary business, and the pleasure it provides must be pure and innocent. Though there are so many advantages of hobby, it has some disadvantages. If a student ignores his academics in order to attain a hobby, the activity becomes an addiction for him. Furthermore, a hobby should not be too costly for our budget. In summary, following a pastime should be kept within reasonable limits.

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