Write a Paragraph on the Autobiography of a Watch

Write a paragraph on the autobiography of a watch

The Autobiography of A Watch

I was born 10 years ago in a tiny village in Switzerland. My creators were famous all over the world for their ability, so as soon as I saw the light of day, I was sent to Kolkata to a lovely family of brothers and cousins. I sat in a showcase for a while, sometimes being taken out and shown to potential buyers, all of whom thought I was too expensive for them.

Finally, a young man, perhaps 17 years old, arrived, followed by an elderly gentleman whom I later learned to be his father. I learned from their conversation that the boy had recently completed the Higher Secondary Examination, and his father had come to buy him a fine watch as a present. I was relocated from the showcase to his hand when the youngster took a like to me. He seemed very delighted as he went out of the shop with his new gift! He proudly displayed me to his friends, who all complimented my design and colour and congratulated him on his purchase. Every day, he winded me to the minute and kept me securely locked up in the drawer except when he went out. We gradually grew so close that we were nearly considered inseparable friends.

My master neglected to wind me at the appropriate hour after three or four years. I was surprised, but my surprise quickly turned to fear. When I found out he had cholera, I was terrified. Throughout the day, I heard physicians coming in and out, hushed conversations throughout the house, and worried inquiries. My heart began to weaken, and as heartbreaking sounds announced the end at midnight, I went into a sleep.

I’m not sure how long my fit lasted, but when I opened my eyes, I was holding the hand of a 14-year-old boy whom I knew as the brother of my previous owner. I looked to have been transferred to him, and despite the fact that I was still reeling from the previous shock, I embraced the shift with open arms. He was a brilliant young man who loved his brother. As a result, he began to take special care of his brother’s memory and would not let anybody else to touch me.

Things continued in this manner for another three years before a change in my fate occurred. A grown-up man took me one night. He was reckless and uncaring, and he was frequently drunk. He did not take appropriate care of me, winding me at odd hours and subjecting me to hard handling on occasion. As a result, my health began to fail, and I was unable to keep the correct time. The thief, irritated, resolved to get rid of me completely and went to a shop to do so. The shop owner thoroughly inspected me and, after asking the man to wait a few minutes, went away, only to return with a police policeman to arrest him. My true owner had reported his theft to the police, and my number and description had been distributed to all of the town’s watchmakers. I was held in police custody during the trial, which resulted in the thief’s sentence. I was subsequently returned to my proper owner, the lad, whose joy at having me back was beyond words.

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