Difference Among A lot, alot and allot

Difference Among A lot, alot and allot

A lot, alot and allot – the three sound the same. The differences between them are just a few spaces or characters. However, each of them performs a particular function. Let’s look into how to use each one.

How do you use a lot?

The phrase “a lot” is the opposite of “a little.”

‘A lot’ is used to indicate a large number or amount of something. It might be either an adverb or a pronoun. When you want your reader to realize that you’re talking to a huge amount of anything, use a lot. That something might be a visual object, such as fruit. It might also be something nonvisual, such as time.

Example – 

  1. You took a lot of time to complete the homework.
  2. There are a lot of actors in the cast.
  3. A lot of people are terrified of snakes.
  4. In winter, a lot of people like to go for a picnic.
  5. We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors because it’s raining.

Is ‘alot’ an English word?

In the English language, ‘alot’ is not a word. It’s only a misspelling of ‘a lot’. The most common error with these terms is writing “alot” instead of “a lot”. Always remember that the word “alot” 

But many people will write mistakenly or unknowingly:

I ate alot of chocolates yesterday.

So, have I been able to clear your doubts between ‘a lot’ and ‘alot’?

Now, look into an interesting fact:

The only time when ‘alot’ is correct

There is a small town in India’s Ratlam district named ‘Alot’. When you are talking about this town, it is the one and only time when ‘Alot’ is correct.

For example:

I ate a lot of chocolates yesterday. correct word. 

What’s the Difference Between a lot and lot?

The major difference is that ‘a lot’ is a noun that generally refers to a part, whereas ‘lot’ can be a pronoun or an adverb that usually refers to quantity.

How do you use ‘allot’?

‘Allot’ is created by adding “l” to ‘alot’. It’s only one letter, yet it adds a whole new meaning to the term. ‘Allot’ is basically a verb that means to give something to someone as a share or a task.

Example – Equal time was allotted to each one of them.

Example – Mary had two ice cream containers remaining, one of which she allotted for ice cream sandwiches.

Example – To make things fair, I’ll allot each of you one slice of cake.

Example – Before I put the kids to bed, I need to allot some time for schoolwork.

Example – He decided to allot a section of the farm for grazing.

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