Prepositions Beginning with ‘I’ List

Prepositions Beginning with ‘I’ List

From this article, you will learn 25 prepositions that begin with the vowel ‘i’ with examples. I have also given the definitions of some of the prepositions. 

One-word prepositions



  1. Expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else
  • They dressed in their Sunday best. 
  1. Expressing a period of time during which an event takes place or a situation remains the case
  • They met in 1997.
  1. Expressing the length of time before a future event is expected to take place
  • I will see you in 20 minutes. 
  1. (often followed by a noun without a determiner) expressing a state or condition
  • To be in love. 
  1. Expressing inclusion or involvement
  • I read it in a book. 
  1. Indicating someone’s occupation or profession
  • He works in publishing. 
  1. Indicating the language or medium used
  • Say it in English. 
  1. As an integral part of an activity. 
  • In planning public expenditure it is better to be prudent. 


Definition: Containing as part of the whole being considered

  • There were six of us including the dog. 
  • He knows three languages including English. 
  • Including the delivery charge, the price of the dress was $10.
  • I have five red dress including this one. 



  1. Situated with the boundaries of
  • A radio was playing inside the apartment. 
  • It was so dark inside the tunnel. 
  1. In less than (the period of time specified)
  • The oven will have paid for itself inside 18 month. 



  1. Expressing movement or action with the result that someone or something becomes enclosed or surrounded by something else
  • Cover the bowl and put it into the freeze. 
  1. Expressing movement or action with the result that someone or something makes physical contact with something else
  • He crashed into a parked car. 
  1. Indicating a route by which someone or something may arrive at a particular destination
  • This narrow road led down into the village. 
  1. Indicating the direction toward which someone or something is turned when confronting something else
  • The wind is blowing into your face. 
  1. Indicating an object of attention or interest
  • I have a clear insight into what is involved. 
  1. Expressing a change of state
  • It was a peaceful protest which turned into a violent conformation. 
  1. Expressing the result of an action
  • They forced the club into a humiliating and expensive special general meeting. 
  1. Expressing division
  • Three into twelve equals four. 
  1. (of a person) taking a lively and active interest in (something)
  • He is into surfing. 

Complex Prepositions

In addition to

  • In addition to me, there were three more boys who got the highest mark. 
  • I have three sunglasses in addition to this one. So, you can take it. 

In aid of 

  • please raise your hand in aid of the needy

In advance of

  • Eishing you a merry Christmas In advance of the date. 

In behalf of

  • I am writing to you in behalf of the residents of my locality. 

In back of 

  • It’s quite common of neighbours to say something in back of you. 

In between

  • I will not come in between two of you. 
  • Please choose any in between these two. 

In case of

  • You can contact with me in case of further details. 
  • I don’t go to school only in case of illness. 

In face of

  • She remain cool in face of adverse situation. 
  • He don’t lose his bravery in face of danger. 

In favour of

  • The weather is not in favour of our journey. 
  • Are you in favour of my decision? 

In front of

  • There are a lovely garden in front of my house. 
  • Please don’t cry in front of me. 

In lieu of

  • Cay I pay in dollar please? Actually I don’t have euro. 

In place of

  • I will not able to see anyone else in place of you. 

In respect of

  • You will get scholarship in respect of your result. 

In spite of

  • In spite of being exhausted with hot sun, they continued working. 
  • In spite of rainfall, we to play. 

Instead of

  • Instead of playing games in mobile phone, read books. 
  • I like to take coffee instead of tea. 

In terms of

  • The price of the dress is quite high in terms of its quality. 

In the event of 

  • His result is so poor in the examination in the event of not studying regularly. 

In the eyes of

  • In the eyes of me, you are nothing but a betrayer. 

In the way of

  • Please don’t come in the way of my life. 

In view of

  • In view of my illness, I could not join office yesterday. 

In virtue of

  • In virtue of your caring, he is recovering slowly.

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