Prepositions beginning with ‘N’ List

Prepositions beginning with ‘N’ List

Learn four prepositions that begin with the letter ‘N’ from this article. 

One-word Prepositions



  1. At or to a short distance away from (a place)
  • The school is near my house. 
  1. A short period of time from
  • Today is 27th December. We are very near the new year. 
  1. Close to (a state) 
  • She gave a tiny smile, brave but near tears. 
  1. Similar to
  • This shape is near to the original. 


Definition: In spite of

  • Notwithstanding the high price, the quality of the product is very bad.
  • They wanted to play football, notwithstanding the rain. 
  • Notwithstanding the evidence, the consensus is that the jury will not reach a verdict. 

Complex Prepositions

Near to

  • There is a shopping mall near to my house. 

Next to

  • The restaurant is next to the bank. 

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