Write a report on the farewell ceremony of a teacher of your school

Write a report on the farewell ceremony of a teacher of your school

From this article, you will come to know how to write a report properly about the farewell ceremony of a teacher of your school. Here I have given two examples of this type of report writing. Please follow each example sincerely.

Example – 1:

Suppose a teacher of your school has recently retired and a farewell ceremony has been arranged by the students of your school. Now write a report on this as a cultural secretary of your school.

Farewell Ceremony of Our Beloved Sir

Reported by (your name)
Cultural secretary

Behala, Kolkata, 11th June 2021: Yesterday, a farewell ceremony was held in our Behala Union High School from 10 am to 01 pm. The ceremony was arranged to honour the recently retired History teacher of the school, Mr Alok Roy who served the school for 25 years. All the students of the school beautifully decorated the school building and the premises with flowers and colourful papers. A temporary stage was also set up in the school playground and there was a good arrangement of sitting in front of the stage for the students and the teachers. The programme was inaugurated on the stage with the opening speech of the H.M of the school followed by the National Anthem in chorus. The teachers delivered their speech regarding the service life and work of Mr Roy. In their speech, they mentioned that a diligent, loyal and decent teacher and a man like him is rare. The X-students of the school were also invited to this ceremony. The students also spoke about their respected sir Mr Roy. They mentioned his friendly and polite behaviour and simple teaching method which helped them to shine in life. Some of them also included how he helped them by providing books for the poor condition of their family. One of the students recited emotional poetry dedicated to Mr Roy written by himself. They also said that he might not be with them but his teaching would live with them forever. There were so many cultural programmes like – songs, recitation and dance in the middle of the speeches. The students paid their homage to their dear sir with bouquets and gifts. Then Mr Roy delivered his speech but became emotional seeing the love and respect of the students to him. He said that he would miss all his students very much with watery eyes and blessed them for their future. Then he gave the students chocolates and cakes. The ceremony came to an end with a Rabindrasangeet by all the students and the ending of the programme was very emotional.

Example – 2:

A teacher of your school has just retired from his service and there was a farewell ceremony in your school. Write a report on it in about 200 words for a magazine.

Farewell Ceremony of Our Respected Mam

Reported by (your name)
Student of Class-(your class)

Delhi, 23rd May 2021: It was 22nd May of 2021, a very painful day for all the students of Delhi Govt. High School. The students of Class – 12 of the school arranged a farewell ceremony for Mrs Tanima Sen, the English teacher of the school who has recently retired from her service. All the students and teachers participated in this ceremony wholeheartedly. The programme was held in the school auditorium hall. The hall was beautifully decorated with flowers and paper. The papers were carrying the messages for Mrs Sen like – ‘We will miss you Mam’, ‘You will always with us by your teachings’ and etc. At first, Mrs Sen was given a warm welcome by the H.M of the school. The programme was started with an opening song in chorus. Then the H.M of the school was called on the dias to say a few words. In his speech, he included that how she served the school for 30 years after receiving so many job opportunities in other schools. He also said that a regular, dutiful, diligent and polite teacher and person like her is rare. The students would run to her for any study problem and she would solve them instantly. She became the students’ friend, philosopher and guide at the same time. Even she would help so many students with study materials for their poor financial condition. The students paid their regards to Mrs Sen with bouquets and gifts. Then Mrs Sen was invited on the stage to say something. She first thanked all the students and teachers for giving her so much love and respect. She added in a trembling voice that he was having a hard time leaving her favourite place, this school. She also added that she always treated this school like her family and the students like her children. In the end, she became so emotional that she shed tears and blessed the students to shine in their future. Then she gave chocolates and a pen to every student. The programme came to an end with a Rabindrasangeet which created an emotional atmosphere in the auditorium.

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