Write a Report on the Kidnapping of a School boy from School Bus

Write a Report on the Kidnapping of a schoolboy from School Bus

School Boy Kidnapped From School Bus

Salt Lake, Kolkata, 5th May 2021: It was at around 2 p.m. on 4th May 2021, the Kolkata National School was closed then and just like every day some students were getting on the school bus to return home at the school gate. According to eyewitnesses, a black car stopped in front of the bus door and two miscreants got on the bus forcefully. Their faces were covered with black masks for which nobody could identify their faces. Before anyone could understand the matter, they picked up a boy from the bus and put him in the car and fled from there. It was also informed by the present people that the car did not have a number plate i.e the whole incident was well-planned. The boy named Bihan Roy was only 10 years old and was fair, wearing a school dress, a white shirt and blue pants. His parents have become distressed and very anxious about the thoughts of their only son. They have lodged a complaint at the police station and have advertised in the newspaper to find their son. The police have already started an investigation. Though 48 hours have passed since the incident and the boy’s father who is an established businessman has received no phone call demanding ransom. The parents of the boy think that some of the old enemies have caused this incident to take revenge. This incident of kidnapping proves the lack of security in the school and the degeneration of social and moral values of people.

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