Write a Report on Tree Plantation Programme Organised in your School

Write a Report on Tree Plantation Programme Organised in your School

Question: Suppose, recently your school organised a tree plantation programme. Now write a report describing this event.

Tree Plantation Programme Organised By Holdia Vivekananda Vidyapeeth (H.S)

-Reported by (Your name)
(Student of Class- )

Howrah, West Bengal, 6th June 2020: On the occasion of World Environment Day, our Howrah Vivekananda Vidyapeeth organised a tree plantation programme on 5th June 2020. The event was announced a few days before. The interested students enlisted their names to be a part of this programme. The programme was started at 9 am with the opening speech of the H.M of the school. The chief guest of the programme was Mr Kunal Ghosh, an environmentalist. He gave his valuable speech on the needs to plant trees. In his speech, he mentioned how deforestation is harming the environment which is leading mankind towards gradual destruction. After the speeches, the teachers divided the students into 10 teams. Each team included 5 students. They were given spades, buckets and plants. Then they planted the saplings in the school premises and watered them. Then the students and the teachers took a rally in the locality with placard and banners which carried messages like “PLANT TREES TO SAVE LIVES”, “A TREE HAS A THOUSAND LIVES” etc. During the procession, the students also planted saplings on both sides of the road. The programme came to an end with the closing speech of the H.M and a vote of thank to all. Through this programme, it is hoped that the people of the locality will become more interested in planting trees and stop cutting down them.

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