Write an Editorial Letter on Frequent Road Accidents Due to Mobile Phone

Write an Editorial Letter on Frequent Road Accidents Due to Mobile Phone

Suppose you have a question like this – Write a letter to the Editor of an esteemed and well-circulated daily expressing your concern over the increase of road accidents for the excessive use of the mobile phone.

Then you can give the answer like follows – 

The Editor,
The Statesman,
4 Chowringhee Square,
Kolkata – 700001

          Sub: concern over frequent road accidents caused by mobile phones


     Please allow me a column in your esteemed and well-circulated daily to express my grievance against the thoughtless use of mobile phones while driving or walking which causes frequent road accidents.

Of late, the number of cases of road accidents in India is increasing at an alarming rate. The big reason behind it is the careless use of mobile phones. In the present modern life, we can see the mobile phone in the hands irrespective of children, teenagers, or adults. Many people can be seen speaking or chatting on mobile while driving or crossing the roads. Even, taking selfies on the railway lines has become a source of pleasure for the young generation. For such a careless works, they not only endanger their lives but also the others’ who face an accident due to other’s carelessness. A road accident survey of 2019 shows that 26% of road accidents all over India is caused due to the carelessness of people while driving or riding. These statistics present a lack of awareness among the people. 

    You are, therefore, earnestly requested to jot down the matter in your daily to create public awareness and to prevent the possibility of road accidents.

Yours Truly
Sunidhi Roy
A concerned citizen

Thanking you,
Date: 15/07/21

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