My Classroom Essay in 150, 300, 500 & 10 Lines in 100 Words

10 lines on My Classroom

1. The place which I love the most in my school is my classroom.
2. It’s located on the ground floor of my school.

3. I can easily see the beautiful garden and playground of my school from there.
4. The room is well decorated and there are so many tables and chairs for us.

5. There is a big desk and a chair for teachers in front of the blackboard from where they give us lessons.
6. We always help each other in our studies.

7. We share our tiffin with each other.
8. All students in our classroom maintain the disciplines of our school.

9. We always try our best to keep our classroom neat and tidy.
10. Our teachers always appreciate us for the cleanliness and discipline of our classroom.

My Classroom Essay in 150 words

My classroom is very close to my heart. When I am there, it feels like I am at home. I become happy and relaxed in this peaceful room when my mind is disturbed.

My classroom is located on the second floor of my school. You will be amazed after seeing the beauty and cleanliness of my classroom. It is beautifully decorated with our handmade paintings, world map, flower plants and portraits of memorable personalities of our country. We always keep our classroom neat and clean and all of our teachers appreciate us for that.

There are five windows and two doors in my classroom with a blackboard on a wall. There is a big table and a chair in front of the blackboard from where our teachers teach us various subjects. There are so many desks and chairs for the 60 students in our class. We learn everything from our teachers with fun and learning doesn’t seem to us a matter of pressure. So, I love my classroom a lot.

My Classroom Essay in 300 words

My classroom is the place where I can feel my home without staying at home. You can call it my second home where my family members are my classmates and teachers. It’s a place of lots of fun and comfort to me. My mind becomes upset when I can’t go there for holidays or any other reason.

My classroom is on the third floor of my school. As my school is situated just beside the river Rupnarayan, the river is easily visible from my classroom. In my leisure time or when there is no class, I enjoy the beauty of the river view through the window of the classroom. But the beauty of my classroom is nothing less. It is excellently decorated with many pictures and decoration items of our hands and pictures of many great persons.

There is a blackboard on the wall of my classroom and just in front of that board, there is a big desk and a chair for teachers. There are also so many desks and chairs for us i.e students. To keep our classroom always full of light and air, there are good arrangements of enough lamps and fans.

In the case of the classroom, the first thing that comes to my mind is naughtiness with friends and having a lot of fun with them and scolding of teachers if anyone doesn’t study. But the best thing is eating with friends during tiffin time sharing each other’s tiffin. Combining everything good and bad, this classroom has so many memories that will remain refreshed in my mind throughout my life. I know that after the completion of study in this school, I will not have the opportunity to sit in this room but I will miss my classroom, my second home a lot.

My Classroom Essay on 500 words

My classroom is just like my second home to me. There, I feel safe, comfortable and cosy just like my home. It is one of my favourite places where I love to spend a lot of time. A classroom is a place of study, learning new things every day and enjoyment.

I read in class 10 at a renowned school in our district. My school is just 5 minutes walk away from my house. And the classroom that is mostly known for its neatness, tidiness and orderliness in the school is my classroom. There are a total of 60 students in my batch. We have been attending classes in this room since we were admitted to this school in class 5. All of my classmates are very helpful and amicable to each other.

My classroom is such a beautiful and peaceful place where even if I don’t go one day, I miss it very much. It’s a quite big room on the third floor of our school. The walls of the room are painted with a soft sky blue colour and the ceiling is in white colour. There is a good ventilation system in my classroom. The room has two doors to enter or exit. There are five windows in the room from which enough wind and sunlight enter the room. There are a total of 6 fans in the room so that we don’t have any trouble in summer. There are enough lamps in the room so that our studies are not hampered if the sky is cloudy or there is not enough sunlight.

We have beautifully decorated our classroom with our handmade paintings, maps, study-related important pictures and portraits of many memorable persons who sacrificed their lives for the welfare of our country. There are even so many flower plants in the room which give it a more elegant look. The river Rupnarayan flows only 200 meters away from my classroom. The beauty of the river can be easily and clearly enjoyed through the classroom windows. But it is best to see the river at high tide.

We can’t imagine a classroom without a blackboard. There is a big blackboard on my classroom’s wall. A big desk and a chair are also there in front of the blackboard for the teachers. There are so many benches in the classroom which are sufficient to sit the 60 students in our class. Our teachers are so friendly and polite too. Not every student in our class is good at studying but most of the students are intelligent and hard-working. We solve many study problems through discussions, helping each other. And all of our teachers explain every topic very clearly and easily.

In addition to praising our studies, they also praise our cleanliness. We regularly clean our classroom thinking it is our duty. We don’t litter rubbish here and there in the classroom. There are two dustbins in two corners of our classroom where we throw the trash.

After all, my classroom is full of so many memories with my friends and teachers because I have been attending all the classes since class 5 in this classroom only. The room is the witness of so much fun and naughtiness with my friends. There are so many unforgettable memories in this room which I will remember throughout my life. Really, I will miss you a lot my dear classroom after my school life.


What is a classroom in a school?

A classroom is a room in a school where teachers give lessons to students and students learn new things every day.

How do you describe a classroom environment?

The ideal environment of your classroom must be calm, peaceful and disciplined.

How would you describe your classroom?

My classroom is like my second home. It is a very big room with so many desks and chairs in it. My classroom is well decorated, neat and clean. There are enough fans and lights in our favour.

Why is a classroom important?

An ideal positive classroom helps to maintain the mental and emotional health of a student. It grows the students’ concentration, teaches them to maintain rules and regulations and socializes them.

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